Now that the guidelines from the Government have been relaxed a little, we are keen to get the ride programme going again. Because we are restricted to riding in smaller groups and because we want to give scope for as many people as possible to ride, we will need more ride leaders. Our plan is that at the weekend we will try to have a couple of rides on each day we are riding, on Thursday evenings we will ride from both Battle and Bexhill, plus we want to encourage more midweek rides on other days.

The advantage of the restricted numbers we are having to work with on each ride is that ride leading is a bit easier. So if you have enjoyed a ride you have done during the lockdown, why not think of putting it on the programme and taking some others along with you. Alternatively, our library of rides is building up nicely, so you can pick a ride from there or make up your own. We would ask everyone to consider offering to lead a few rides as the number of ride leaders we have will limit the rides we can put on.

If you are ride leading for the first time or would like assistance, we can easily pair you up with another ride leader. To help us plan this out we would be grateful if you could complete the brief survey form below.

Alternatively, could you send Steve an email at letting him know what you can offer.

    I can lead rides on:

    I would be willing to lead:

    Once we have got everyone’s responses, we will put it all together and come back to you to confirm details.